Robin Mulhauser, a 1st year SMS MBA student, won the FIM Motorcycle Endurance World Champion title on June 9th.  As a member of Team Moto Ain (France), the 27-year-old student, together with his two teammates, ranked 4th at the Oschersleben race cup which lead to the World Championship.

Robin Mulhauser, first of all congratulations! Tell us more about your background and your discipline.

Robin Mulhauser: I've been riding motorbikes since the age of 13, starting on Pocket bikes. For five years now I’ve been part of the pro category. Between 2014 and 2016 I also competed for three seasons in the Moto2.  After this Grand Prix experience, I turned to endurance, in the Superstock category, which is a particular type of machine. In endurance, races last several hours and we compete in teams. I participate with two team mates of the Moto Ain Team in France.

Why did you choose to study at SAWI?

It's difficult to make a living from motor sports in Switzerland. I’m a trained mechanic, but I didn't want to do this job all my life. Above all, after a few years in the Grand Prix business, I really wanted to make a profession out of my passion for motor sports and motorcycles. I was lucky enough to be admitted to the Sports Management MBA at SAWI in Lausanne and I strongly believe that this will help me pursuing my professional goals.

 Is it challenging to combine your studies and your life as a competitive athlete?

Actually, it really depends on the season. It’s quite feasible during winter, since we don't have any races and we mainly do physical training. However, as soon as the season starts, it get’s a bit more tricky. You have to be organized, stick to your schedule and by working hard, you will always reach your goals, in academics and in sports!

Have you already implemented something you learned in the classroom in your life as an athlete?
Yes, of course! For example in terms of sponsoring or in developing my website, if I learn something new in class, I go home and try to implement it immediately in my own business. So far it really helped me in being more professional as an athlete, but also as an entrepreneur!